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Triumph - Coffee Table

Triumph - Coffee Table

SKU: 67108

Crafted from a medium-brown stained, Indian mango wood, the Triumph is a circular-top coffee table with a metal base. The base comprises of three, conjoined metallic circles that give the Triumph a “living” base as it never looks the same from two different angles.


Dimenions: 40"W x 40"D x 16"H

  • Additional Info

    • Solid Wood and Metal

      This coffee table is beautifully crafted from solid Mango wood. Its round top rests upon an interwoven, iron base that gives it a light, airy look. 

    • Medium Brown and Black Finish

      The wood has a smooth texture in a medium brown finish with gray undertones that accentuate the movement of the grain. The iron base features an unfussy, matte black finish with some scuffing. 

    • Airy Aesthetic

      Its spiral-like frame makes a bold statement without taking up too much visual weight. 

  • Supplier

    • MER
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