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Elo - Chair (Soft Grey)

Elo - Chair (Soft Grey)

SKU: ZT-1032-29

The armchair, refined. With Elo, the essential design elements of an armchair have been distilled to an utmost sculptural form while retaining 100% comfort. A modernist creation that embraces softness alongside sculptured simplicity, settle right into the plushly padded seat and curvaceous embrace of Elo's softly rounded back and armrests. A durable, molded frame of solid plywood offers support, while its tactile upholstery offers enduring quality. Highly styled, love Elo three ways as a desk chair, dining chair, or singular statement accent chair. Surprising from every angle, Elo blurs the boundaries between art and furniture as a most welcoming, fluid design.


Dimensions: 29"W x 28"D x 32"H

  • Additional Info

    • Upholstery: 94% Polyester, 6% Nylon
    • Plywood Frame
    • Medium Density Foam
    • Pirelli webbing
  • Supplier

    • MHC
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