Dream Art

SKU: SK100

Beautifully illustrated artwork by 'enzokay' in a surrealistic fun art form with vibrant colours and patterns. Spark the conversation in any space with this striking gallery-wrapped canvas art with distressed frame.


About the Collection: An assemblage of different forms of visual narratives that borrow from aspects of pop art, dada, and traditional surrealism and serves as a snap shot from which the viewer can create his or her own narrative. Wherever possible 'enzokay' cites parts of the human body in synergy with nature and it's identity as the conceptual basis of her work, "…it's like stepping in a wonderland universe". With this playful approach, each piece expresses visual techniques rather than words and invites viewers to step inside a fantastic world to feel rather than think. A special space that looks like a dream, a space where many things are meant to be felt, understood metaphorically, having you come back again and again to find new emotions.


Although each piece is unique, there are common elements interwoven throughout the works, such as geometry, anatomy and colour – all spawned from a creative imagination. There's a sense of innocent wonderment in them that’s very inviting. Putting these visual elements out of their normal frame and juxtaposing them with the modern can give an exciting and surprising effect.


W 45" x H 49"

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