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Burton V - Large Vase

Burton V - Large Vase

SKU: 30952

Expertly crafted from ceramic and finished in a two-tone palette, the Burton series of vases comprises of five stunning vases that look great on their own or when paired with each other. They feature a sleek neck in a high-gloss, crackled white finish that complements the raw, matte-finished base.


Dimensions: 6"L x 6"W x 16"H

  • Additional Info

    • Ceramic Body | The Burton is expertly handcrafted from ceramic and is a substantial decor piece that does not easily chip and wear.


    • Unique Finish | Finished in a high-gloss crackled white tone that complements the raw matte finished base, the Burton looks great in any space and setting.


    • Noteworthy Design | With a sleek bottle-style neck and stout base, the Burton makes for a unique addition to your decor collection
  • Supplier

    • MER
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