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Arelius - Coffee Table (Natural)

Arelius - Coffee Table (Natural)

SKU: 69228

This shadowbox coffee table features a paned glass display top with four door openings. The glass is enclosed in a solid Mango wood frame and sits above a sturdy iron base. Create a stunning tablescape with a mix of coffee table books and decorative objects protected within the glass display area.


Dimensions: 42"L x 42"W x 15"H

  • As Seen

    • Light Brown and Black Finish

      The wood is smooth textured in a warm, light brown finish that highlights its natural beauty. The iron base features an unfussy, matte black finish. 

    • Versatile Style

      Its neutral aesthetic and linear structure make it easy to incorporate the Arelius into a number of design styles. It works especially well in modern interiors. 

  • Supplier

    • MER
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