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Quick and Easy Christmas Tips

Are you having some unexpected guests coming for Holiday cheer and home décor isn’t your thing? Or maybe you've got your cute Holiday Napkins, Christmas Crackers and Chargers but completely forgot about something to add a little interest to your table or island? We have a few quick ideas that you can make last minute with stuff from your home and the Dollar Store or grocery store that are cost effective and beautiful.

Grab an empty hurricane jar or set of three of them and fill with twinkle lights, ornaments or candy canes. They are elegant but simple and you can change the contents of the jars each season. These beautiful table-scapes can be put together inexpensively using festive "found" objects. Try branches, greenery and craft sand for a snowy, au naturel look. If you're going for whimsical, fill your jars with brightly wrapped bonbons and extra ornaments to tie it into your tree.

Take some of those empty wine bottles from your latest celebration and dress them to impress! Add your own glimmer strings to extra lanterns, jars and bottles of all kinds. These can be re-purposed for other holidays and make for a stunning but simple gift. Get creative! Try vessels of different colours, shapes and sizes and remember, "The More the Merrier". Try surrounding them with greenery or pine cones or even filling them with objects of interest. (Available in-store)

Start with a cake stand and different sized candles. Group them together in uneven numbers like 3 and 5, in a colour of your choosing. Berries, pine cones, evergreen or even a ribbon can be added to create a beautiful centerpiece that coordinates perfectly with your Christmas decor. Stack different sized cake stands for added height to achieve a tiered effect. Don't have a cake stand? Corral your collection in a serving tray, to be busked around wherever extra holiday cheer is needed!

See our versions in-store or ask one of our staff for more Holiday Decor Inspiration!


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