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Purchasing a piece of furniture from Bermex is a wise choice when you are looking to acquire unique, quality Canadian wood furniture. Our attention to detail is a daily preoccupation that we take seriously. Each individual element that comes together in the conception of one single piece of furniture is inspected and held up to the highest standard of quality.

Experience the unparalleled uniqueness of Birch. Each piece of wood used to create your furniture has its own distinct look and personality, with its own variation in grain and color, so it can never be duplicated as each tree is unique.

Noble Birch

Bermex furniture is made of birch grown in North American forests. Only the best pieces of this wood species, known for its beauty and sturdiness, are used in the making of our furniture.

  • Coming from North America, it is perfectly adapted to our climate

  • Kiln-dried to 7% humidity, to help prevent from any future warping

  • Can be repaired and restored to its original beauty unlike veneer


  • Catalyzed varnish exclusive to Bermex

  • Engineered by the largest finish manufacturer in the world: Axalta

  • Will protect furniture from most spills and stains

Please note that the catalyzed varnish can take up to 30 days to harden completely. You should be extra careful on using your table for that period of time.

What Style Inspires You?


Created for active individuals who love nature, the Modern Mountain style combines raw and massive elements that evoke a modern and natural world


Intended for modern professionals, the District style delivers a contemporary and trendy look. Its clean and refined features refer to minimalism.


Imagined for those who appreciate moments of introspection, rest, and travel, the Retreat style evokes both freedom and comfort through pastels and rustic elements.


Designed for an active family life, the House style is where practical meets enjoyable, while always focusing on comfort. You will find lively and warm features, built for your everyday life.


Inspired by haute couture and its impressive gourmet cuisine, the Couture style incorporates luxurious décor elements with a rich, flawless feel.


Design - It - Yourself

Building your own custom dining suite can be difficult.  Thankfully, Bermex simplifies this process with the help of their virtual design studio that takes you step-by-step through a wealth of custom options you can use to create a truly one of a kind piece.

Benches, chairs, stools, tables and buffets all start with a base style.  Within your base, you are given the option to assign a leg to your piece.  When designing a table, you also have a wide array of impressive pedestals to choose from.  Next choose your top material and thickness, edge profile and apron!


Bermex offers 3 top options, each available in their own finishes



No matter which finish you choose, the brilliance of the birch will always be majestic. Indeed, our wood-finishing technique offers a unique look. Now, all you have left to do is choose from the available options the finish that appeals most to you and the colors that will highlight the beauty of the wood.





With a look of its own, the choice of a glass table will undoubtedly enhance the look of your dining room. The sleek glass finish will add a bright look to your metal or wood base choice, a design that will outlast time. Tempered glass in gray or white color is 4 times more scratch resistant than normal glass.





Choosing a ceramic table top gives a whole new meaning to the word “luxurious”. Ceramic offer great hardness, strength, and high durability withstanding heat and scratches. A black glass finish was added on the bottom for sturdiness. Our ceramic tops have the same thickness as our glass tops ½".


Bermex table tops are available in multiple size and shape options.  How many people do you need to seat?  Would you prefer an extension table?  What about shape?  Is your style best suited to a round, oval, rectangular or live edge table?

Our sizes start as small as 30" x 30" and can extend up to a whopping 144"!  Many are available with or without leaves, self-storing options and in counter or bar heights.  Stools are also available in 2 height options and your choice or wood or upholstered seat.  Over 75 styles come equipped with swivel.


The Finishing Touch

Once you've decided on styles and sizes, it's time to add the finishing touch - finishes! Bermex offers 3 glass colours and 2 ceramics in addition to their library of wood stains.  Each stain falls into a unique finish category based not on colour, but feel. 


For example, their "Rustic" finish is distressed and embossed with nicks, dents, marks, cracks and scratches that are characteristic of timeworn furniture. The edges are worn, darkened and rasped.

If you were to choose something "Opaque", your piece will have a paint finish that masks the wood grain to create a perfectly modern look.


The Bermex collection offers you a wide range of fabrics, vinyls, or leathers for the seats of your chairs, benches or stools. They can even upholster them with any material you provide! On top of admiring your sumptuous decor, your guests will be delighted by the comfort of your chairs. Get ready to spend pleasant moments in good company.

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